Unfixable Anxiety

Unfixable Anxiety

It's been over half a year since I first got on campus, and my precious time as an innocent freshman has clearly passed. Before there is such thing as college life to enjoy due to the pathetically contagious status quo,  I have to face a somewhat realistic problem. The contradictory and unsettling atmosphere is hovering over the society and making the future of us mainland-originated newcomers (in the sense of coming to Hong Kong) more veiled than ever. The anxiety grows wildly over time, and there's no fix for it.

Many came to Hong Kong yearning for a society with more freedom and probably less capitalism-ish. It is sarcastic for someone to believe the latter. Still, if you understand the circumstance of labour right, especially in the internet industry, there would be no surprise. As the oligarchy and nationalism dominate China, Hong Kong was a decent choice to escape for, well, before the National Security Law and the ridiculous reform to ensure "patriots governing Hong Kong".

"Time has changed, your majesty." It is getting harder and harder for one to prevent living a mundane life in China - working 996 or starving to death, not saving no penny at the end of each month, and burning one's own health in exchange for the satisfaction of capitalists. The only so-called happiness out of this cycle is likely to be tittytainment provided by the great party, the great country.

In the end, we may ask ourselves that would it be easier for us just to accept the inevitable fact that perhaps we are born to be mundane, the vision to run for a better life may merely be an illusion, and the paradise Lennon sang is no more than an imagination. Wish you all a good night.

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